Excellent Craft Beer & Home Cooked Food


When visiting Burlington, Vermont where do you go to grab a great Chicken Caesar Salad and an exceptional craft brew?

The Vermont Pub & Brewery of course!

Not only is this brew pub one of the oldest breweries on the East Coast it is the oldest craft brewery in Vermont. What better place to make a visit to then this historic building full of exquisite beverage and food! Stepping up on curb just outside of this large, brick building you can feel the atmosphere before stepping inside.  On a corner diagonally across from the park you can choose to sit outside on the brick patio beneath umbrellas in the open air or move inside to the deep, inviting wooded dining room and bar. The warm wood boasts newspaper clippings heralding the history of this great pub and brewery. There are so many things on the walls to look at and to read that it is easy to get sidetracked before finding your seat.

We found our way into a greenhouse-like corner room with ample views of the corner and the park across the intersection.  A beautiful sun shining day made this room perfect for enjoying lunch and a cold craft brew after a morning of traveling the countryside. Ficus trees in the corner stretched tall towards the sun sharing a happy canopy of green life overhead. The stone tiled floor and massive carved wooden tables brought warmth to this room.

On November 11, 1988 The Vermont Pub & Brewery was the first craft brewery to open its doors in Vermont since prohibition. This is completely because the founder – Greg Noonan – spent three years in deliberation with the Vermont government to finally open the first craft brewery in the state since prohibition. We are definitely thankful for his persistence! From humble beginnings has come a legacy of beer crafting like none other! On the cusp of innovation Noonan introduced beer style to an America that originally thought being a brewery meant you made Budweiser.  With beginnings as a home brewer Noonan essentially wrote the book on home brewing, quite literally, with Brewing Lager Beer”. This was one of the first books to be written on the art of home craft brewing and opened many people eyes to their ability to create their own unique flavorful beers. This really jump started the now mainstream of small craft breweries – most all of these craft breweries started small right in people’s homes.  A committed owner much of Noonan’s success and popularity of his restaurant and brewery can be attributed to this fact. He saw the importance of happy employees which in turn insured happy, returning patrons. He has researched and written many books and seminars on the craft.  Also being a mentor to many home brewers helping them with their start in turn leading to bigger and better things.

Sitting down for lunch at this Burlington hot spot you can feel the calm, relaxing atmosphere.  If you want simple, home cooked food and amazing craft beer at reasonable pricing Vermont Pub & Brewery is the perfect choice.

“Quick to smile and almost as quick to laugh, he brought brewing to life in person.” – written in a fitting tribute and brief biography by writer Stan Hieronymous that appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of The Business of Beer magazine.

“Our beers are fresh and wholesome. All of our beers are unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unadulterated. The pub brews with artisanal imported malts and fresh hops and we do not cheapen the product by rushing the process. We are famous for a reason: Quality.”– www.vermontbrewery.com/about

Photo by B. Sherman (c) 2012 Down by the river – Stowe, Vermont